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m340857 [userpic]

I've been far too busy to post.

and I have no real interest.

m340857 [userpic]

I had a huge soft spot in my heart for Spock.  I just thought he was the coolest character I'd ever seen on tv.  He reminded me of me a bit and I wanted to be like him.  Calm, collected, intellegent.   

I out grew this deep fasination with him (however I did read Spock's World in hs and had a relapse) and moved onto other fictional loves.  He was my first one though.

I just saw the new Star Trek movie and I have to say that ...

Holy shit I love Spock even more now.  New version, old.  Love love love.

I want to invent a time machine and bring the 60's version of spock to now and have an M sandwich with Spocks.

>_<  OR!  a hot Spock sandwich with the new Uhura. Them making out was some of the most geniune tenderness I've ever seen.   

So I'm completely smitten with the character again and I want to watch the movie again.

m340857 [userpic]

And the woman who plucks her eyebrows into a tiny line?

"Back away slowly," Haner jokes. "That's suppressed rage."

Huh.  That makes a lot of sense.  And here I thought my thin, nearly gone eyebrows were me depressed.

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m340857 [userpic]


m340857 [userpic]

I hate taking care of hair.  Recently, I've tried to grow out my hair to the normal pony tail length.  I was at the awkward bob stage, you know where its sort of level with your chin?  So not even at all long yet.

However, there were already several things that I could not stand about taking care of the hair.  Lets start with the morning hair of doom.  Snarls, tangles, crazy weird fluff.  Why, oh god, why.  Then there's the entire shower experience.  I dye my hair, so the texture can get like straw with out some great conditioner.  Unfortunetly, I'm not used to having to use about a half dollar's amount of shampoo and conditioner just to get enough in my damn hair.  And then the actual washing part.  Wtf, hair on the very top of my head.  You never quite got all the product you needed.  And the hair on the sides never completely got all the stuff washed out.  it was like a conspiracy of suck ass.  And the rinsing took forever too.  

Out of the shower, the hair is so damn wet that a second towel is needed, just for the goddamn hair.  If none is there, then water will drip everywhere. Great, just great.  After that, then the still very wet hair has to be brushed.  This always took much  longer than I thought it would.  Even with copious amounts of conditioner, the top of the head hair that didn't get enough will pose a long and painful obstical to the brushing.  After this long amount of brushing it would be then time to style it.  This is wear I've recently just given up on the fucking hair process.  My morning has already flown by and I am ravenous.

But, and this is an interesting factoid, my hair when combed backwards will always part in the center.  It looks absolutely awful and more boring than I can even express.  I look like a 40 soccer mom with a conservative hair cut.  But lets say I actually part it on one side or another.  It's still flat and boring as fuck looking.  I have very fine thin hair.  There is no fucking body to it at all.  But suppose I comb it and let it dry.  Half of the time it's just a bob, the other half it did this weird sad half flip that made me look vaguely like a 15 skater boy who used his scruffy ass hair to make a statement to the world of how nonconformast and cool he really was.  

I cut it.  I love it.  Shower is a fourth of the time.  dime size product.  The big towel works to dry it.  Finger combed in about 20 seconds.  Bit of product and I'm ready to go.  takes me about 5 minutes tops.  How in the fuck do you girls with the long hair deal with all that bullshit?  HOW?

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m340857 [userpic]

"They've build their nests
in the chimneys of my heart:
those swallows that you lost."

pg 110.

"Another Roadside Attraction" by Tom Robbins

m340857 [userpic]

Grape Nehi recipe

Scale ingredients to servings

Crush ice with lemon (or orange) and alcohols in a large glass. Use a strainer and pour into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge or salt on the glass.

m340857 [userpic]

Crichton:The first Scarran you see, you tell him who his daddy is. Tell him, D'Argo.
[A few scenes later, the Charrids & Scarrans attack.]
D'Argo:I'm your daddy!
[D'Argo starts blasting.]
Crichton: Come here. Closer. You want to see it? The thing you've been chasing my ass all over the universe for? Torturing me, my wife, my friends for? The wormhole weapon? You want to see it?
Scorpius: Yes
Crichton: Beg
Scorpius: I beg you.
Crichton: That's not good enough. Say please.
Scorpius: Please
Crichton: Pretty please
Scorpius: Pretty please
Together: With a cherry on top.
Crichton: Happy Birthday. Now, get out of my sight.

Scorpius: Is this some kind of joke?
Crichton:Cosmic. Keep watching, blink and you'll miss it. (John points to a spot appearing in the distance.) There. Isn't that sweet. Baby's gonna grow. Pilot, are my comms open?
Pilot: All comms open
Crichton: Attention ladies & gentlemen and all ships at sea. If you look out your front window, you will see, by special request, your very own wormhole.
Chiana: Crichton, what's happening?
Crichton: The end of all this crap. Hey, Emperor Sleestack - you big upright iguana! - What does it look like from the Death Star? ... Can I get a huzzah from the grand Peacekeeper Bitch! Wormhole at 12 o'clock, Lucy.

m340857 [userpic]


I know you'll probably never read this but I've seen every movie you've ever done and I just want you to know that Emily E. Hopper

Likes you.

Yes, I like you.  I like what you do, how you act, the life you lead.  You know your gorgeous, so we won't get into that.  I think that you and your humanitarian work is admiridable, and your body of work as an actor is at the worst, entertaining, but mainly enchanting.  Your family is adorable, and I would frankly love to just tell you in person that I like you.  Every thing I hear about you just makes me like you more.  I like that you have dark aspects to your personality, that you are tattooed and imperfect.  I like that because you still try to be the best person you can be. 

I am not a terribly friendly person; I am not very sociable. I have at most had maybe 2 best friends, and many many good friends.  I've moved so many times in my life, both physically and emotionally, that I've lost more friends than I can honestly count.   I would be quite content knowing you read this and knew that one random woman likes you.  I have no great desire to be your best buddy or anything.  Actually, we are in totally different places in our lives.  I'm married, no kids and no plans for any for the next 4+ years.  You have kids, adorable kids, but kids. 

Despite that,  I like you.

That is really all I want you to know.  If I met you, I would say exactly that.

I hope you enjoy a little note that you will never read from a none rabid fan.

m340857 [userpic]

It was a somewhat awesome dinner.  Ravoli with white sauce with crab.

The crab, I forgot, was somewhat salty.  Silly me adding salt to the white sauce anyway.  Also I ran out of milk.  The result was a much thicker, saltier sauce than I expected.

Still palatable but I feel like I need a piece of bread on the side or to add some water to thin the sauce.  or both. 

On a scale of 1-10, I'd say this attempt (my first) is about a 6/10. 

It really helped that I've been drinking wine all night. 

I have a healthy buzz, and I'm drinking alone.

It's 7:45pm here. 

More people need to get on aim.

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